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Basset Books

"Your Select Guide to Basset Hounds" is our latest Basset book, complete with links to many products and services we found useful.

"Finding Fred" is the true story of a rescue Basset who, before adoption had little going for him. This book chronicles his adventures and misadventures and how came to be loved by an entire town. This book is FREE to subscribers

 Short Stories: "One Before Bedtime" (Amazon Reviews)

"This is a delightful collection of short stories, some of which may cause you to flip back a few pages once you've read the ending. I love the author's sense of humor, imagination, and writing style."  - Florence Osmond

"Each tale was just the right size to read in bed prior to getting to sleep."  -Patti Con

"I really enjoyed each story. I was happy this book was recommended. If author N.S. Johnson's goal was to keep me up half the night. All I have to say is a job well done."

-Melissa Robinson

"...a love of storytelling that is refreshing to come across."  -Veritas Vinciton

"13 Tales of Mystery, Fantasy and Suspense

by N. S. Johnson is exactly what the title suggests. An entertaining book of short stories that complement each other but definitely stand on their own." -Robin Perron

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